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Norwegian king crabs are flooded and they can't finish eating them.costco king crab. The invasive species I want to introduce to you today is king crab, king crab, also known as stone crab or rock crab.biggest king crab. They are mainly distributed in cold waters, because of their huge size and delicious taste, and they have the "king of crabs" in way to cook king crab legs. Namely, in China, king crab is a very expensive food, and many people have not even eaten this kind of food, while in Norway, king crab is flooded.

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Although Norway is also a Nordic country with a relatively low temperature, it turned out that there were no king crabs in this country until a researcher in Russia took 7 king crabs for experimental research, and finally released these 7 king crabs. costco king crab.This has led to a flood of king crabs in Norway. biggest king crab.The water quality of the ocean in Norway is particularly good, and the temperature is also very suitable for the growth of king crabs, so soon the king crabs in Norway began to flood, and now there are more than 20 million king crabs in Norway, although for Norwegians, king crabs are also a It is a delicious food, but the population of Norway is not large, and it is impossible to eat such a large number of king crabs, so the Norwegians can't eat these king crabs even if they spit, and eventually even take the king crabs to feed the way to cook king crab legs.

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Chinese foodies are envious, why don't they come to China? For the flood of king crabs in Norway, Chinese foodies can only express their envy and hope that these king crabs can come to China.costco king crab. If these king crabs are in China, they don't need to think about it There is a problem of flooding. 20 million king crabs are not enough for one-tenth of China's population to taste early adopters. Even if these king crabs continue to breed, it is estimated that they will be eaten by the Chinese and become extinct, but this is unlikely to happen. Most parts of China are not suitable for the growth of king crabs.biggest king crab. King crabs must live in the deep sea, and the external temperature requirements are relatively high. It is difficult for China to form a large-scale aquaculture industry. The export of Norwegian king crabs does not show that the Norwegian king crabs are not exported. King crab is not without exports, but Norway is too far away from China. Even if it is exported to China, factors such as transportation costs and preservation costs make the price not way to cook king crab legs. So it is not easy for the Chinese to eat cheap king crab.