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First of all, Russia and Norway on the coast of the Barents Sea have a crab fishing agreement.burger king crab legs. You must have authorization to catch crabs, and even with authorization, you cannot make endless arrests, and there are quota restrictions.king crab house chicago. In 2021, Russia issued 10 The crab fishing quota of 10,000 tons (mainly king crab and snow crab), of which the Far East fishery has obtained a quota of 75,600 tons, and the northern fishery has obtained a quota of 24,000 tons. These quotas are far from meeting the demand.king crab charlotte nc. You must know that in 2019 From January to October, China imported 46,000 tons of live crabs, and the shortage is one of the main reasons for the high price of king crabs.

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Secondly, the living environment of whole king crab online is very harsh.burger king crab legs. Most of them live in the deep sea of ​​800 meters. The water temperature needs to be 2-5 °C, and the seawater cannot be polluted.king crab house chicago. In such an environment, king crabs need to grow for 7-9 years to grow.king crab charlotte nc. Therefore, even if the king crabs in the Barents Sea are flooded, the production of king crabs in the entire ocean is not high.

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Finally, the fishing of king crabs is also very dangerous. It is known as one of the most dangerous occupations in the world.burger king crab legs. The fishing of king crabs is winter and very short, usually only 2-3 weeks.king crab house chicago. In this season, there are often huge waves of 12 meters high at sea. And the sea breeze with a speed of 128 kilometers per hour, because king crabs are mostly in the deep sea, the requirements for fishing equipment are also very high. Usually, steel crab traps weighing more than 600 kilograms are used. The operation of crab traps is also a technical job, which not only requires more physical strength.king crab charlotte nc. It takes experience and even luck.